Hi, we're Ryan and Selena Frederick. Thanks for Visiting!

We started Fierce Marriage to help us process through marriage’s trials as well as celebrate its joys. We are in our 20th year of marriage and we’ve learned a ton about what works and what doesn’t. We hope that as we share openly it will help you grow and cultivate a truly Christ-centered marriage.

We've spent the past decade ministering to married couples around the world. God has been extraordinarily good to us! He has allowed the Fierce Marriage ministry to grow beyond our wildest dreams, all while giving us four wonderful daughters (Adelaide, Clementine, Louisa, and Sunny). 

Our Work

We've written nine books thus far, each with a specific purpose (not in any order):

1 & 2: Husband in Pursuit and Wife in Pursuit are both written to help husbands and wives (respectively) discover how Christ pursues them and what that might mean for their marriage. Together, they comprise The 31-Day Pursuit Challenge, which is bound to help couples grow and go beyond what they thought possible.

3: Fierce Marriage is our most comprehensive book, and we consider it our "marriage manifesto". Through it, we aim to help couples establish a firm foundation in their marriage through the hope of the Gospel, then we help them apply it tangibly to their own marriage.

4 & 5: 40 Prayers for My Wife and 40 Prayers for my Husband are written to help couples learn and experience the power of intentional prayer for each other and for their marriage. Couples are encouraged to embark on the 40-Day Prayer Journey to see how God works tangibly in their marriage.

6: Two as One is a 30-day couples devotional that helps couples study God's Word in a way that is accessible, fun, and engaging.

7: See-Through Marriage is all about living in the light—transparently—for our good and God's glory.

8 & 9: How a Husband Speaks and How a Wife Speaks help couples build healthier communication cultures in their household.

What’s with the name?
So, why did we choose the name “Fierce Marriage”? You can read all about it here.

We aren’t psychologists, counselors, therapists, or academics. We’re just a guy and a girl who are learning how to build a marriage that is centered on Christ. We don't know everything, but we promise to share what we do know with honesty and transparency. If you’d like to inquire about speaking engagements, please click here.

Thank you so much for stopping by! We're honored to have you.

Stay fierce,

Ryan & Selena Frederick
Co-Founders, Fierce Marriage

What others are saying...

Ryan and Selena both have endearing personalities and are so enjoyable to listen to. They speak a ton of truth about marriage in light of the gospel and are vulnerable about their own walk. Super thankful for such truth and transparency!

Alycia P.

[Their] podcast has helped my marriage for sure, but it's also opened some new ideas regarding my own spiritual life. I can't say enough great things, seriously worth the download and listen. The Office quotes don't hurt either!!

Podcast Listener