Fierce Rings™ Sizing Guide

You may know your wedding ring size by heart, but if you don't, this page is for you!

We've made the sizing process very simple...

There are a three methods for accurately finding your ring size. The first is to head into a jeweler and ask them to size your finger. If that's not an option, no worries, keep reading.

The other two methods can be completed at home or on the go. Both of them are outlined in our PDF Ring Sizing Sheet. Simply download the sizing sheet and follow the appropriate instructions below. 


1. Get the Sizing Guide

This ring sizing guide will help you size your ring quickly and accurately. Once you've downloaded it, proceed to the next step.

Download Ring Sizing PDF

2a. Using a Printer

If you have access to a printer, this is the easiest and most accurate way to size your Fierce Rings.

1. Download the sizing PDF

2. Print the PDF at 100% scale (this is very important).

3. Use your preferred sizing method from the PDF.

2b. Using a Smartphone

If you don't have easy access to a printer, no worries! You can size your ring with any smartphone. You will need a quarter coin and your metal wedding ring.

1. Download the sizing PDF

2. On your phone, zoom the PDF until an ACTUAL quarter fits inside the red circle around the image of the quarter. None of the red should be hidden under the quarter.

2. Grab your ring and find the ring size that fits within the inside edge of your ring without covering any of the black lines.

NOTE: We recommend sizing to the nearest whole ring size.

The silicone will loosen slightly with wear, but not so much that you want a full ring size larger than you need.

Need help?

Please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time! Just email and mention "Fierce Rings Sizing Help" in the subject line. 

The Fierce Rings™ Lifetime Replacement Warranty

If your Fierce Ring™ stretches or breaks, we will replace it for FREE. If you receive your ring and realize that it is the wrong size, we’ll send you a new size for FREE. If you receive your ring and realize that you don’t like the color, we’ll replace it for FREE. (A small shipping fee applies in some cases, read below for details.) In other words:

We will replace your Fierce Ring™ for FREE, for any reason, for life.

There you go! You can purchase your Fierce Rings™ with full confidence that you're getting the best silicone ring product on the market, and it's backed by the best warranty around, for life... just like your marriage!

Read all about our hassle-free Fierce Rings™ Lifetime Replacement Warranty here.