It's Our Annual Celebration Sale!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to celebrate! The acts of giving to and receiving gifts from loved ones are gracious gifts from a generous God. However, we must be watchful and vigilant to not let consumerism drive our purchase activity during this amazing season. For that reason, we've dubbed our annual sale our "Celebration Sale"—to remind us why we give and receive gifts in the first place.

For this year's sale, we're offering all of our books, rings, and posters for 20-25% OFF the lowest-marked prices. We hope it's an opportunity for you to invest in your marriage or help a family or friend do the same.

Here are the discount codes to use at checkout:

  • Use code "SAVE20" at checkout to get an additional 20% OFF your total

  • Use code "SAVE25" at checkout to get an additional 25% OFF purchases of $50 or more!

We hope our resources continue to bless you and others for years to come. May this Advent season be a time of remembering the miracle of Christ's arrival all those years ago!

Stay fierce,
Ryan & Selena