Men's Forged Fierce Ring / Gunmetal
Men's Forged Fierce Ring / Gunmetal

Men's Forged Fierce Ring / Gunmetal

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This FIERCE RING features our distinctive topographically inspired ridges on the interior to enhance airflow. This innovative design minimizes the silicone-to-skin contact area and reduces moisture accumulation. It also has a stylish forged metal design.

Engineered to Last

Comfortable, Safe, and Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Fierce Rings are comfortable, durable, and fashionable ways to show your unity and commitment to living a fierce marriage. Each ring has our custom-engineered interior topography for optimum comfort and breathability. 


Ultimate Breathability



With their low-profile design, Fierce Rings won’t interfere with tough jobs. If you're working with your hands or in a tough job and happen to get it caught on machinery, your ring should always break away before your finger does. If your ring does get caught and damaged, we'll replace it as part of our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.



Fierce Rings are made with top-grade silicone that is soft and flexible, but won't stretch or lose its snug fit. Also, as you break a sweat and breathe hard, your Fierce Ring breathes too! The rings' unique interior topography ensures it. Never worry about "swamp finger" during workouts or adventures ever again.



We've put our Fierce Rings through all manner of 'kid-tests'. Spill food, art supplies, or good-old dirt all over them and simply rinse with soap and water to restore their original beauty. If ever your ring is stained or damaged beyond recognition, just let us know and we'll get you a replacement right away! 

The Story

Why silicone rings?

When we were first married, Ryan was a janitor at our apartment complex. A chemical spill damaged his metal ring and the skin underneath never quite healed. It was always raw, itchy, and red. After 15 years, he finally decided to get a silicone ring, but we had heard that they trap moisture against the skin. Instead of settling, we designed a silicone ring that breathes. Thus, FIERCE RINGS!


FREE replacements, for any reason, for life.

Read the Fine Print


1. Safety. Traditional metal wedding bands pose risks to those working with power tools or around heavy machinery. One small slip can catch the ring and cause irreparable finger damage. Fierce silicone rings offer unmatched safety for those working with their hands. Each ring features a low-profile design and has custom tear-away zones that are designed break away before your finger does. 

2. Comfort. Wear your ring for a while and you’ll probably forget it’s on. Our top-grade silicone feels pristine on your skin while our unique ring topography ensures better airflow than any other ring on the market. The result is a dry, comfy ring finger.

3. Durability. Fierce Rings are designed to take a beating without discoloring, staining, losing elasticity, or changing ship. Go ahead, run that 5K Mud Run without hesitation. Your ring is built to last, just like your marriage.

4. Versatility. With their low-profile design, Fierce Rings never get in the way. Whether you’re working in the yard, hitting a PR at the gym, or chasing kids around the house. Unlike traditional rings, they won't inhibit your grip or get caught on surrounding objects or clothing.

5. Affordability. Imagine vacationing at the beach and not having to worry about sand, saltwater, theft, or losing your wedding ring (diamonds and all). Fierce Rings provide an affordable alternative to your traditional wedding ring that you can take with you anywhere. Also, if you lose your ring… we’ll replace it. Simple as that.

6. Convenience. Never worry about taking off your ring again for any reason. Wear it in the pool, in the shower, SCUBA diving, in the mud, at the gym, or even in space. Where you go, it goes.

7. Purpose. This is our favorite part. Fierce Rings are designed to represent and remind you of the deeper truths of marriage in light of the gospel. From the topographical lines and the triangle logo, to the traditional symbolic circle, each Fierce Ring is designed with your marriage’s deepest purposes in mind. Scroll further down for details.

Did you know?

The Topography of Marriage

The topographical lines inside the rings are also on the covers of our 31-Day Pursuit books. The lines represent the highs and lows in every marriage, and how spouses are to co-travel toward a common destination: Christ.

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Something worn so often should be a useful. We designed the FIERCE triangle logo to remind wearers of the love, teamwork, and unity needed in a Christ-centered marriage, and most importantly, God’s covering over it.

1. Two Converging Lines

The two leftmost edges meet to signify two becoming one. The lines converge to create a “greater than” symbol widened toward God, who is forever greater.


No matter the circumstance, remember to cling to one another in light of God’s ever-present, never-failing love. As you do, your marriage will flourish.

2. One Higher, Greater Line

The rightmost line leans over the others, extending from the base of the logo mark to its top. It symbolizes God's sovereignty as Father as well as Christ's hypostatic union.


Wearers are reminded of God’s eternal covering and Christ’s rightful place in their life as Lord (the upward end) and Savior (the lower end) who left heaven to be made flesh on earth.

3. Together, a Triangle

Together the lines create a triangle, a symbol of great significance either denoting the Trinity, or in the case of marriage, that the covenant is incomplete without God.


As the most prevalent form presented by the FIERCE RINGS logo, the triangle reminds wearers that they cannot flourish without God as the central pursuit of their lives.


Fierce Rings go with you anywhere.


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